1. Lift and place furniture back on the floor. Never drag anything across your floor.
  2. Install felt pads on the bottom of all items of furniture, even those pieces that remain stationary.
  3. Vacuum with brush or sweep floors regularly. General cleaning once every week is recommended because sand, dirt or grit build-ups act as an abrasive and scratch your floor. Pebbles or sand on the bottom of shoes will also scratch your floor.
  4. Remove spills promptly. Sticky messes should be cleaned with a damp cloth before they set. Water should not be allowed to puddle on the floor.
  5. Use a floor care product designed for hardwood floors only. We recommend PolyCare to be used on your floor. Cleaning the floor with soap products, vinegar, ammonia or pine cleaners may not be effective and may make it more difficult for the floor to be re-coated properly.
  6. Use mats around entry doors and at high-traffic points, but wait 3-4 weeks before you cover your newly coated floors with rugs. This will allow the finish on the floor to cure thoroughly. Avoid rubber-backed rugs that may oxidize on the floor and discolour the wood. Mats placed in areas where frequent water spills occur is also a good idea. (i.e., sinks, freezers, dishwashers, etc.) Wet mats should be removed immediately and allowed to dry before being put back on the floor.
  7. Keep pets’ claws trimmed. Large pets may find it difficult to stop on wood floors. Their nails can cause scratches that floor cleaners may not be able to remove.
  8. Consider re-coating the floor when the floor begins to show wear. If the finish wears down to the wood, the floor may require a complete sanding to restore its beauty, while light wear may only require a light buffing and a re-coat.
  9. Maintain a consistent humidity level between heating seasons in all living areas. Excessive swings in humidity levels will cause hardwood floors to swell, shrink, cup, crack and show excessive gaps between boards. The use of a humidifier and/or de-humidifier system is recommended where inconsistent humidity levels occur.
  10. Recommended levels fall between 45-50%.